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“The Faithfulness of Father God” – By Teresa Abert – Daughter of Zion

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“The Faithfulness of Father God” – By Teresa Abert – Daughter of Zion

Praise the Lord for the faithfulness of Father God in our lives. He is so faithful !

We can always count on Him to keep His word; to rely on Him to make good on His promise ; depend on Him to do what He said that He what do ; trust Him to remain loving and loyal to us no matter what . Father God is a person upon whom we can rely on absolutely . What a wonderful Father God – what a wonderful friend He is to us!

Father God’s faithfulness in an unfaithful world . We live in a world where faithfulness is so rare. Materialism is on the rise , families are in trouble ,and divorce is so rampant .

We are going to understand more here about the trustworthiness of our Lord Jesus. Also to show us how to respond in faithfulness to Him and to others.

A closer look at Father God’s Truth – look here at Revelation 19:11 . What is Christ as the rider of the white horse called here? He is Faithful and True !

In the following references of scripture here we see how Father God shows Himself faithful . Deuteronomy 32:4 -We see in this passage that He is our rock , He is perfect , always fair , faithful and right . Isaiah 25:1 shows us that He has always done what He would do . He is faithful ,and true to His word. Isaiah 49:7 tells us that He can be trusted , and He is Holy. The words “faithful “ and “faithfulness” comes from a Hebrew word that means “to prop or support “ . When applied to a person , it means one on whom we can safely rely. In Greek “faithful “ may be translated “trustworthy “ .

Father God’s faithfulness described here in these passages : Psalm 33:4 . Psalm 36:5 , Psalm 89:2 , Psalm 89:8 , Psalm 146:6 . It is established in the heavens , Read Psalm 146:6, and Psalm 89:2 . His faithfulness reaches to the skies in Psalm 36:5 .

He remains forever faithful in Psalm 146:6 . He is faithful in all that He does in Psalm 33:4. His faithfulness surrounds Him in Psalm 89:8 .

How can these verses give us a sense of security ? We have seen that Father God’s faithfulness is boundless . Therefore – we can confidently rely on Him for all our physical , mental, and spiritual needs . We see in Father God’s word how He manifests His faithfulness to His children, we are His children - Praise the Lord! His faithfulness in Action ! Deuteronomy 7:9 tells us He keeps covenant and mercy with us that love Him; we who keep His commandments . 1 Kings 8:56 tells us He gives us rest , and good promises . He does not fail us . Psalm 119:89-90 tells us He promised us He would be faithful and He abides in us. Hebrews 10:23 tells us He promised us He would be Faithful . Also in Hebrews in the passage of 10:36-38 tells us we have promises and pleasures in Him! Father God is always faithful in keeping His covenants and promises to His people. His faithfulness is expressed you us in 1 Peter 4:19 . What should those who suffer do ? We should commit to Him. When we commit ourselves to Father God in times of trial , He shows His faithfulness to us by delivering us in His time and way. We need here to read 1 Corinthians 10:13 , and ask the question – How area we assured that we are not the only ones who are being tempted or tested ? How does Father God show His faithfulness to us ? What does He provide for us ? The answer to all this is – He makes a way of escape , and He is so faithful . The word translated “temptation “ or “testing” means “a putting to proof or an experience “. It implies here that we are going through adversity , and a time of testing . In His faithfuness , and by His grace , He does not allow His suffering children to endure more than that they can handle.. How can this knowledge of Father God’s faithfulness give us comfort in our trials ? Psalm 119: 75 , we ask this question : “In what ways does Father God show His faithfulness ? And the answer is He corrects us . Read Hebrews 12:6.10 after reading this verses let us ask this question – What does He do to those He loves and accepts as His children ? The answer is He disciplines us as His children. What is Father God’s purpose for disciplining us? It is to help us in becoming holy . Read Proverbs 3:11-12

Lamentations 3:22-23 says “ The Lord’s love never ends, His mercies never stop . They are new every morning ; Lord , Your loyalty is great.” 2 Timothy 2:13 is a verse that we need to read here- and then ask this question , When we are faithless to Him , what do we know about His relationship to us ? Why is this so? He is still faithful ,and He is still true to who He is ! What does this tell us about the nature of Father God ?

Does it give us a greater desire to be faithful to Him ? 1 John 1:9 – read this verse – and then think about this – If we confess our sins – what will He do ? He forgives us . We can trust Him to do what is right . Then also what else is He faithfully doing for us ? To see this go to these passages and read these and see that He strengthens and protect us , He keeps us strong to the end. He sanctifies us until He comes. Those passages are – 1 Corinthians 1:8-9 , 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 , 2 Thessalonians 3:3 . We do observe the faithfulness of Father God in nature by the changing of the seasons , through history in fulfilled covenants and promises , and by experience . We see it in the Bible – the written expression of Father God’s faithfulness to us !

Psalm 119:86, 1 Timothy 1:15 and Revelation 21:5 . Read these verses and see more here. I am asking this question – Why can we totally rely upon the word of Father God ?

Simply this – because His word is true , His word can be trusted !

Becoming His faithful representatives , that is what is about while we are here on this earth . We have seen that Father God is faithful and manifests that attribute to us in many ways . But He not only is faithful Himself ; He wants us , as His representatives on earth , to be faithful , as well. Describe ways in which we are to practice faithfulness: 2 Kings 12:15 tells us to be honest . 2 Chronicles 34:12 tells us to work well and to be skilled.

Proverbs 11:13 tells us to be trustworthy , Luke 16:10-12 tells us to be honest and to be trustworthy. Acts 17:11 tells us to be willing to listen . 1 Timothy 3:11 tells us to respect others , do not speak evil , to have self control , to be trustworthy , and to be good leaders. 3 John 5 tells us to be there for one another – to help people , to help brothers and sisters ,and to help even people we do not even know .

Analyze your faithfulness alongside the verses that we have studied here ,which areas are strong in our lives ? Which areas to we need to grow ? What steps can we take now that will encourage our faithfulness to increase ? Even though Father God has called us to faithfulness , there are times when we do not know how to make this a reality . He understands our hearts . That is why His word abounds with encouragement for us to continue on . Read the following scriptures and answer the questions : Revelation 2:10 – How long are we to remain faithful ? Of course the answer would be forever – until we leave this world to be with Him in eternity. What will be our reward for faithfulness ? The answer is the crown of life . Proverbs 28 :20 – What will be a result of faithfulness in our daily lives ? The answer is – a truthful person will have many blessings . Psalm 101:6 – Who is Father God looking at ? Who will minister to the end ? He is looking at the trustworthy ones , and His servants will be the ones to minister to the end . Praise the Lord . We need to discern areas of our lives . When affliction comes, what attitudes do we need in order to mature spiritually ? How can we be faithful even in small matters? The need is to renew our minds each and every day in the word of Father God. To stay firm in His word and in His ways. To walk in Him ,and to follow Him in obedience in all areas of our lives. Friends and others do disappoint us ,and things in this world happens , but Father God remains so faithful . He is so faithful , praise the Lord Jesus. We are to return godlike faith to others no matter what is the circumstances and situations in front us, or in our midst . We are to extend goodness and loyalty and love and truth in our daily lives to be known as His representatives . We are children of the Most High God. We are here as children showing forth His love , His nature to those that need to know Him. To love each other in the Body of Christ. We all need that love ,and that encouragement to live this life together . Read Psalm 40:10 , Psalm 89:1, Psalm 78

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