Thursday, March 3, 2011

“Father God has us covered “ By Teresa Kay Abert – Daughter of Zion

“Father God has us covered “ By Teresa Kay Abert – Daughter of Zion

God bless you all this week. I feel that the Lord Jesus would have me to touch on this aspect of Him at this time. J

We are born into this world helpless, and we live that way a lot of times our entire life. The reason that we are helpless is that we are in need of a Savior . That Savior is the Lord Jesus Christ. We are helpless until we come to receive Christ Jesus as our Savior .No matter how strong that we are in ourselves, rather we think that we are that strong, we are not strong , we are in need of Him, His strength is the strength that we are to live in and to lean on. We are totally helpless without Him. For as times of distress ,and problems that come to us as mankind, to every man and to every woman, there is only one true help that we can depend on .His name is Jesus. Praise the Lord Jesus. J

Yet , even in this world , there are many Christians who live their lives in the fear of the unknown ,and of the future . Instead of trusting in the hand of holds them , they are swayed to fear due to storms of this life , to the difficulties of this life.

But He who has begun a good work in you will perform it to the day of Christ Jesus ( Philippians 2) . All things are working together for your good if you love God and are called unto His purpose (Romans 8:31).

We are covered by Father God , Praise His name. We are not just kept , but covered, sheltered, protected. He has given us coverings that we are to walk in daily , this is so that we are protected ,and kept safe from every plot ,and scheme that the enemy- (the devil) has set for us. That is the devil’s job, and we are to be aware of what is going on , so that we are to avoid this in our lives.

The grace of our Father God predates our knowing Him. In fact , while we were still in our sins , grace was being offered for us . Read Romans 5:6-8. We did not earn this grace, nor could we convince Him to give it to us , it is freely offered. It was Father God’s grace that gave us the answer for the question - : “What must I do to be saved ?” It was grace that covered us ,and caused us to suddenly become children of the Most High King , the King of Glory- that is something to get excited about . To receive the Lord Jesus as the Lord, Master ,and Savior of our lives, our hearts . To make heaven our home for eternity. That begins only with Him. J This grace of loves is still covering us today- and every day that we walk and live in Him. This grace of love covers our lack ,and our inability to always live as we should . It is this grace that gives us shelter from our past failures ,and mistakes, and causes us to live in His freedom, in His righteousness. It is by grace that we are saved. This grace is exemplified by 2 biblical examples . The 1st is the covering of skins that Father God made for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve had failed , they had given into the seduction of the enemy’s words, and had fallen short of the glory of the creator- our creator , Father God. In the same way , we have been covered. We have fallen short of the glory of the Lord, and yet He made a covering that has removed our shame. Yes , it is wiped clean. The skin itself is Jesus , the offering of that skin was grace.

The other example of the Prodigal Son. As we know the Prodigal Son has been living in his father’s house when he chose to leave, he left, and took his inheritance , and went out to squander it . After losing it all ,all of his money , friends, and influence , he does find himself caring for pigs ,and starving . When he finally comes to the realization ,when he comes to himself , he heads home to be a servant , but the father has a different thought . For though he failed ,he was still his son; the father commands his servants to put his robe ,and ring upon the filthy , and smelly man, and at that moment he was covered , being covered with this robe and having the ring on,and the shoes on at that moment he was covered and called a son again. Everyone saw him as a son again. Praise the Lord, it is the same way with us. In this same way , we are covered by the grace of the Father God. We are come to Him, and He is there with open arms to receive us back again. We truly do not need to leave. But when one has left – the need of coming back is surely the right move to make . J Some have walked away from Him to find Him faithful and true, and true ,and just to forgive . He covers us with His grace. We are made to be Sons and Daughters of the Most High . It is that we are to even have our inheritance renewed. Praise the Lord !

Praise the Lord for His covering and Praise the Lord for His grace, Praise the Lord for the covering of His authority. In covering us of His grace , He has also invested within us His authority . This manifests itself through many ways, but we are to focus at this time on 3 important areas that we are covered by His authority :#1 –His Name; #2 –His Armor ; and #3- His Ministry .

In His name, we have the authority to do the business of the kingdom . To be about the Father’s business, Praise the Lord. In this world we live in, this is called the Power of Attorney . It is the right that someone has to do the business of another in their absence. For the business of the Kingdom of God , we must have His endorsement !

So – that means – we have the ability to cast out demons by our word. We speak in new tongues in His name. We lay hands on the sick ,and they recover. All because we are doing the kingdom business in the name of the King!

We , then, are not left stranded without the power to be victorious .For the King of all kings ,and the Lord of all lords have given us His name, that is above every name , to use in the behalf of the advancement of His Kingdom , and that name rules all heaven ,earth ,and hell . So now- we are to be more that conquerors through the Lord Jesus Christ !

Within His armor we have an impenetrable defense against every one of the enemy’s attacks (provided we do wear it daily). For we wear the armor to the ultimate winning army . We wear the emblem that displays total victory. And we assemble under the flag of the triumphant King ! We have defeated the devil and all of his cohorts, we are to see ourselves the way that the Lord does see us- we are the head and not the tail, and that the devil is under our feet and he is so defeated. We are in the army of the Lord ,and that army is strong and mighty and praise the Lord for His grace ,covering,and protection, strength and authority . This armor , which is found in Ephesians 6:10-17 , is the covering of His authority that shows we are a part of His winning forces. It is this authority that causes the devil to flee when we resist him(James 4:7), for the word ,”resist “ literally means “to set in battle array” So we see here that when the enemy sees the armor that bears the emblem of Him who has already overcome him, he flees before us. Because it is not by might , nor by power, but by His Spirit that our victory is won (Zechariah 4:6). This is what is meant in this scripture passage when it tells us to be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power . It means we are living under the same armor that Jesus Christ wore when demons shrieked , death gave up its dead, and sickness departed.

The last authority is that of His ministry , for Father God has placed His leadership to provide a covering for your life. This five fold ministry (Ephesians 4:12,13) has been given to prepare His people for works of the ministry , and to look out for souls that need Him ,and to watch over souls that need guidance and that is all of us , we all need each other. Being a part of Christ’s Kingdom means that we are willing to flow under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We received the power of the Spirit as a covering for our lives. Luke 24:49 is Jesus’ command to His disciples to go back to Jerusalem until they were clothed with power from on high . It was this power clothing them that came when the Day if Pentecost had fully come in Acts 2. It was seen upon Peter and John as Father God used them to heal the lame man at the Beautiful Gate in Acts 3. It was what caused the Sanhedrin to take a note that these 2 men had been with Jesus in Acts 4. And it is seen all through the book of Acts how Father God anointed His church to perform the greater works He promised in John 14:12. It is seen in the Old Testament mantle of Elisha took up from Elijah. So that when he came back the sons of the prophets in Jericho stated ,”The spirit of Elijah rests upon Elisha ,”(2 Kings 2:15).

And we , like the disciples, and we are His disciples as well, and like Elisha, we are to receive the mantle of the power that has come down from above. We have received the same Holy Spirit that caused Jesus to go about doing good and healing those oppressed by the enemy (Acts 10:38). We have received the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was the anointing that Jesus mane the announcement to read Isaiah 61 in Luke 4:18-19. And it is that same anointing that covers us today so that we have the diving enablement of Father God to fulfill that purpose ,and plan that He has for us as His children. It is the anointing oil like was poured out in the Old Testament , now in the New Testament reality . And though the anointing oil of the High Priest in the Old Testament was powerful , we are now seeing in the New Testament,and in the now of today we have a better covenant because of the Lord Jesus , we have better a covenant based upon better promises (Hebrews chapters 6-9) . We have more power every hour ,every day to do all that He has for us , He has many great things planned for us – He loves us so much.

We are never uncovered in this world ! We were not created to lose , we are created to win ,we are winners, we are overcomers in this lifetime . He that is in us is Greater that he that is in the world – Read 1 John 4:4. We have abundance of Grace, the provision of Authority , and the demonstration of His Power . Our victory is already assured , let us live it out here in this lifetime. Let us live it !

Blessings to you all this week and stay in touch-

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Teresa Abert

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