Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Jesus : His Love is So Amazing " By Teresa Kay Abert - Daughter of Zion

God bless you all this week. I did not get to do any blogging this last week. I pray that you are all doing well and happy in Him.
I am thinking about Isaiah Chapter 53 this week , and talking about Jesus and His love being so amazing . Praise the Lord . He came from the bosom Father God to the bosom of a woman . He put on humanity that we might put on divinity . He became Son of Man that we might become sons and daughters of Father God.
He was born in a supernatural way , reared in obcsurity .Only once crossed the boundary of the land, in childhood. He is a man of wisdom .
In infancy He startled a king ; in boyhood He puzzled the doctors ; even at 12 years of age proving He was far in advance of the theologians , for He was taught of Father God; in manhood He ruled the elements, so that He could defy the laws of gravitation by walking on the water , and quiet the raging sea. He healed the multitude without medicine and made no charge for His services.
He never wrote a book , yet not all the libraries of the country could hold the books that have been written about Him. He never wrote a song , yet He has furnished the theme of more songs than all song writers combined . He never founded a college, yet all the schools together can not boast of as many students as He has .
Great men have come and gone , yet He lives on , Herod could not kill Him, Satan could not seduce Him, death could not destroy Him. The grave could not hold Him. Even the demons obeyed Him. He fed the hungry multitudes with a boy's little lunch , He broke up funerals , and he brought dead bodies back to life again.
He conquered death , rose on the third day as He said that He would . He ascended into heaven , is now at the right hand of Father God . He will one day come in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory for His own born again , blood bought ones to be forever with Him according to promise after which He will judge the world in righteousness ,when every knee shall bow to Him, and every tongue shall confess Him as Lord . His friends gladly , but His enemies seeking for a place to hide from His face (Revelation 6:15 ) .
The ever Perfect One - He is the chief among ten thousand , the only one who can satisfy the soul and give ever lasting Life to those who have it not .
He is altogether Lovely . He is our risen Savior .

For those that do not know Him as Savior - Lord and Master of their life.
I invite you dear ones to make that most important decision before it is too late. The time is drawing near . These are the last days - and we all need to make that decision to invite Him to take that place in our lives . We are bought with a price - the price that He paid on Calvary.
This is a gift of life that He gives to us , and we give Him us.
4 things that we must all know to go to Heaven.
1 Mankind's need - Read Romans 3:23
"For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God"
2 Sin's penalty - Read Romans 6:23
" For the wages of sin is death ;but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."
3 Father God's provision - Read Romans 5:8
"But God commandeth His love toward us , in that , while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."
4 Mankind's response -Read Romans 10:9
"That , if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead , thou shalt be saved."
Read Romans 10:13
"For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved ."

If you have prayed this prayer to receive the Lord Jesus as Savior ,and Lord and Master.
Then you need to find a place to grow in Him, to be discipled. You need a Bible -and learning materials . Do contact me for info on how to walk this new walk in Him.
If you have been walking with Him for a long time and just need encouragement and ministry - and need to pray with me - I am here.
I am here if you all need to talk or to pray, send me an email anytime -
I am on facebook -
Write to me at this address :
Chaplains Ron and Teresa Abert
208 N.Duncan Street
Apt B
Marine,Il. 62061
We are in need of prayer and financial partners to stand with us as we minister the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I have a Women's Bible study time each week in my home on Thursday nights at 7pm .
Do be encouraged in Him this evening ,and know that He has a plan, a purpose and a destiny for you. He loves you,and you are an overcomer in this lifetime . You have a purpose to live this life for Him.
I aim on- I plan on this next week as the Lord Jesus leads to have a study here on "The Faithfulness of Father God" Until next time this is Teresa Abert - Daughter of Zion saying that I am here praying for you and for yours. You are special to Him . His love is so amazing - and that amazing love is for you and for your's . Blessings to you and to your's abundantly - that every good and perfect gift does come from Father God to us His children.
love and prayers, Teresa

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  1. What a blessing! Yes! Thank God for his great love and mercy that endures forever! Thank you for sharing the mighty truth of Gods love. I am so thankful that Gods love never fails and that it is the greatest power and that it isn't like human love that's conditional, that can be selfish and that can come to and end. God bless you, yours and your ministry!