Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What is required of us?:)

I am Teresa Abert -" Daughter of Zion" .
God bless you all. I am taking a time for my first blog . Sometime several years ago I did blogging on myspace , which that site is still up. I just do not do much on that site much anymore. I do alot of posting and sharing of teaching and ministry on facebook. I will continue to do that on facebook. I am here blogging to edify the Body of Christ and to lead dear ones to the Lord Jesus.

Scriptures to study for us all would be Micah 6:8 , Proverbs 16:25 , Psalms 119:68
What is required of us? To do justly - do what is right . To do - extend love and mercy , this is given to us new every morning - Lamentations 3:22-23 . To do- to walk humbly with our God, and to be this way before Him. To walk so close to Him, and to have this revelation of who He actually is - who He actually is to us as His dear children. Those that call His Son to be their Lord, Savior ,and Master of their lives. He is mercy - This walk is truly all about Him, read Romans 12:3.
James 1:27 is a good scripture for us all to read. We find out that we are to undefiled and holy -because of our Father God is ,and He says that we have His very nature and character because we belong to Him,and we have Jesus living on the inside of us,we have the Holy Spirit to strengthen us . We are to do all that He has done and that He does - so we are to visit the fatherless , to be authentic in our Christianity - in our walk , to have personal holiness. To have the determination to say and to believe that "Though none go with me I will follow." We are free from contamination of sin . We are to have life changing encounters with our Father God. We are to be His hands and His feet , to be the very essence of the Lord Jesus here on this earth , to extend that love and mercy to those that we love and meet along the way in this lifetime. We are to go and to visit those that the Lord Jesus leads us to be a friend , to be the hands and feet .

Read 1 Samuel 2:21 , Luke 7:16 , Exodus 3:16-17

The Anointing is what we need to do this- and the anointing is ours . The Anointing changes our life. Anointing means to "smear something". When God anoints us , it means He is putting His Hands on us to rub that anointing . Whenever there is an anointing on us, Father God's hand is on the situation . The anointing on the head ( Jesus) comes down to the Body ( His Church) . We esteem our anointing by emulating Jesus . "Christ " Christian means "anointed one" .
The anointing makes the difference . Anointing comes from spending time with the Father God. Time with and in the presence of Father God, this is pure joy- the blessing of just being in His presence. This is our happy place. The place where He tells us how much He loves us and how much we love Him. That fellowship and direct word from Him to us. The presence of Father God to is have the purpose for the anointing to break the yokes ,and to set us free . Read Isaiah 10:27. To enable us to preach the Good news , read Isaiah 61:1. We truly do need the anointing , we need to spend time with Father God to have this anointing , we need the anointing to get us through the trials in this lifetime. Read Psalm 23:5
The anointing teaches us , read 1 John 2:27.
The anointing will let us see into the situation ,and to know what both Father God ,and the devil (the enemy ) are doing . Anointing can mean to "draw the hand over and to paint with colors" Anointing does paint a picture of what Father God wants us to do , this is so that we can be more effective ,and to walk in His holiness,and in obedience.
I will be blogging here ,and I will follow up with teaching here that the Lord Jesus gives me to share with you all. Be blessed to overflowing in all areas of your lives.

You all stay in touch via blogger here and also via my facebook.
Send me your comments,and your messages ,and know that if any one needs prayer , I am here. :)

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